LGBTQ Series Proposals

Contemporary Perspectives on LGBTQ Advocacy in Societies

Information Age Publishing is excited to announce a book series focusing on LGBTQ Advocacy. Under the editorial guidance of series editor, Dr. Joshua Moon Johnson, Director of LGBT Services at the University of California Santa Barbara, and Dr. Lemuel W. Watson, Dean of the College of Education at the University of South Carolina, Information Age Publishing (Charlotte, NC), an academic publisher, is pleased to invite submission of book length manuscripts and book proposals, inclusive of readers and handbooks, for its new book series, Contemporary Perspectives on LGBTQ Advocacy in Societies.

Contemporary Perspectives on LGBTQ Advocacy in Societies is an interdisciplinary series that offers a dedicated venue for the exploration and examination of the social, cultural, political, spiritual, and economic forces that have shaped and continue to shape the lives and experiences of LGBTQ people. Within this context, we are seeking manuscripts and proposals that will advance research, scholarship, practice, and policies. In addition, this series seeks to capture opinions, narratives, and personal experiences to assist individuals in living fuller lives and to teach organizations how to provide a better support and advocacy for all. This series’ goal is to take the unheard and unseen narratives and reveal it to a broad readership that includes educational, religious, industry, military, governmental, and other social organizations. Additionally, dialogue that cuts across local, state, national, and international boarders that are related to LGBTQ issues.

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Book Reviews

For people raised in Christian or other religious traditions who find themselves distancing themselves from this identity as they begin coming out and cultivating intimate relationships, this book provides unique testaments to the struggle and triumph of LGBTQ Christians on our campuses. Beyond Surviving provides hope that we as an LGBTQ community can heal and embrace religion and spirituality as an important aspect of holistic well-being.
Raja Bhattar, Director, LGBT Campus Resource Center, UCLA
Johnson’s unique approach to examining the areas of Christianity and same-sex relationships fills an important gap, these two areas rarely converge in research.  He broadens the discussion by bringing together discourse on queer identity, mental health, spirituality, physical and emotional abuse.  The narratives alone constitute a powerful testimony of survival and dynamism in our social system.  Beyond Surviving is beautifully written.
Emily Prieto, Ph.D., Director, Latino Resource Center, Northern Illinois University
This book is filled with stories of healing and reconciliation.  As I reflect on my own journey, it is good to see that everyday we are becoming increasingly aware of the need to heal and reconcile our sexuality and faith at a very young age. May we all embrace continual healing as we read this incredible work.
Rev. Samuel R. Offer, Unity Fellowship Church, Baltimore Vice President, Washington Consulting Group
Johnson’s new book portrays the struggles of students in same-sex relationships in a powerful and moving way through personal stories–exploring students’ internal and external conflicts, vulnerability, pain, self-realization, hope, and, yes, triumph. Educators will better understand the multiple dynamics at play in the conflict between religious and sexual identity as well as the resources necessary to support students. Everyone who reads Beyond Surviving will be inspired to push for their communities to be more welcoming and inclusive for all.
Michael D. Young, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University of California, Santa Barbara